More Gloucester in The 1900s

Gloucester Rugby Team in about 1900Gloucester Rugby Team in about 1900.The inset picture is of Charlie Smith who also played for Enland. In that picture he is wearing the England shirt.






Staite and Co furniture removal van

Staite and Co furniture removal van. Solid wheels, oil headlamp and a three digit phone number made this lorry a front-runner of the day.One wonders how the family china survived the journey.

My father drove for this company in the 1960s. Sadly they are now gone.





Another photograph of Staites furniture removals only this time the precious family belongings are being drawn by a magnificent traction engine.




 Cainscross Co-op delivery wagon. This guy would have all your daily sundries on board including milk, bread, paraffin and potatoes.Our thanks to Fred for these three great pictures..