Tredworth Gloucester

The area we know today as Tredworth was once a village outside Gloucester and has always retained something of a village atmosphere. Over the years, it has somehow expanded to a point where it is very difficult to define Tredworth, but once was the area covering High Street and east to the Municipal Boundary that ran along by the railway track near the old cemetery.

In the mid 1800s, parts we call Tredworth now such as the houses south of Tredworth Rd including Wheatstone, Huxley and Parry Road went by the name, Newtown, in preparation for future building work, but were, in the main, still open country.

It wasn’t until the mid 1800s that the area really started to expand with the building of new houses along Tredworth Rd to the old Midland Railway line by Stroud Rd and north toward Victoria Street also covering a wide area to the west of High St. This expansion was due to an increase in the cities population due to an expansion in industrial activity.

High Street was the main shopping area that had everything from wet fish to boot repair shops. Indeed, for people living in the Tredworth area there was really no need to visit the city centre as it was to a great extent self contained and this continued well into the 1940s.

Tredworth is a part of Gloucester city. These photos were taken by Robin in 2005 and the introduction was written by John who sadly died a few years back

Right by the Tredworth bridge and this was a general store , as I can remember always selling potatoes wrote on a blackboard outside ! This is the house right on the corner.