Gloucestershire Videos on the Gloucestershire Portal

We have many videos of our beautiful area.

Tall ships in Gloucester Docks for Johnny Depp Film

Glawster as Er Be Spoke

Gloucester Mystery Plays

  1. Flotilla of Narrow Boats for Ben Selfe
  2. Gloucester Mystery Plays – The Creation
  3. Gloucester Mystery Plays 2 – Adam and Eve
  4. Cain and Abel
  5. Noah and the Flood
  6. Abraham and Isaac


  1. BBC Interview about the Gloucester Arts Quarter
  2. Gloucester Prison 2003
  3. Dick Whittington Comes to Gloucester – Part of the re creation of Dick Whittingtons walk to London in Gloucester Medieval Fayre
  4. A Ghost Walk through Gloucester
  5. Gloucester Ghost Stories
  6. Gloucester Tall Ships 2009
  7. Slimbridge Wetlands Trust
  8. Christmas Parade in Gloucester 2012
  9. Gloucester Carnival 2012
  10. An early carnival video clip showing the kids from the white City on an open top bus
  11. Olympic Torch Gloucester 2012
  12. Patricia Routledge Visits the Tailor of Gloucester
  13. Miss Potter returns to Gloucester
  14. An Interview with Johnny Coppin
  15. We love Gloucester
  16. Beatrix Potter shop in Gloucester Opens
  17. A walk through Chalford filmed in 2007
  18. Dragon boats at Gloucester Docks 2007
  19. Colin the Sheep gets an ABSO
  20. Karting at Little Rissington
  21. Marks & Spencers opening Gloucester
  22. Old Music at Gloucester – Part of Gloucester history week. Old musical instruments being played on Westgate St Gloucester
  23. Gloucester day 2012 part 1
  24. Gloucester day part 2
  25. Barton Fayre 2007 Part 1
  26. Barton Fare Gloucester part 2
  27. Richard Graham MP for Gloucester – Richard Graham opens his new office in Westgate street Gloucester
  28. Songs from Gloucester. Recorded in St Michaels tower Gloucester
  29. Gloucester Cathedral
  30. Ian Mean with Richard Graham at the opening of Richard Graham’s Office
  31. Gloucester History Day 2010
  32.  The parade through the streets of Gloucester to commemorate the Bicentenary of the Sunday School movement. Rare Footage.
  33. Gloucester Docks in 1980.
  34. A party held in New Street on the 29th July 1981 to celebrate the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana
  35. Gloucester Docks in 1980.
  36. A view of Gloucester Carnival in 1965
  37. A unique view of the city filmed from the Cathedral Tower in 1962.
  38. Clips of Gloucester taken during the 1960s and 70s.
  39. China comes to Gloucester – Opening ceremony and the lion dance
  40. China in Gloucester – A young lady dances in Eastgate Street
  41. China in Gloucester Kung Fu Fighting
  42. China in Gloucester – Song and dance
  43. Tailor of Gloucester clock in Eastgate Market Gloucester
  44. Gloucester Civil War – The Sealed Knot
  45. Churchdown Horticultural Society