Bakers at Gloucester crossSouthgate Street   Gloucester,  was created in the 10th century to give access to the south gate   which led to the main route to Bristol. It was often called Great South Gate due   to its importance as a trading area.

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Right on the cross you will see Bakers the Jewellers . Above the shop is a wonderful old striking   clock with figures . It has 5 striking Jacks representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales together   with Old Father Time. The author can remember his   grandfather ( W.Knight ) painting these figures many years ago.

A few yards along the road is St. Mary De Crypt . A fine old church. The earliest   recorded church on this site was around 1140 and known as the Church of the   blessed Mary.The present Church is well worth a visit.

The fifteenth century nave contains an   early renaissance style pulpit from which George Whitfield preached his first   sermon in 1736.In the north transept are 16th century brasses to Alderman John   Cooke and his wife, founders of the Crypt School.

An alley leads to Blackfriars which dates   from 1270 .Mostly in ruins there are never the less still many interesting and   rare features/

The Old Bell   Inn has been recently re-opened with new   management. Well worth a visit just to look at the wonderful old fire   surround and a good place for a lunch, right in the centre of   Gloucester.

Robert   Raikes, famous for starting the first Sunday School lived at 38 Southgate   St. This is a fine timbered 16th century building and the upper part ( the lower   stories are now modern shops ) are still visible from the street .

St. Mary De Crypt   church is also in Southgate Street  is now a pleasant spot to sit

Almost opposite the church is Longsmith Street. The name refers to one of Gloucester’s   most important industries during medieval times .The tourist information Centre   is now on the corner.

On the right opposite the old Gloucester Royal   Hospital site are the gates to Gloucester docks.The old   hospital has been demolished and office buildings take their place.