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Jobs in Gloucestershire

We have been approached by a few local companies asking about recruitment opportunities. So long as the jobs are Gloucestershire based there is no charge to advertise them on our boards. Click here for the Jobs Board. At present there...

/ 22nd January 2015

Merry Christmas from Visit Gloucestershire

We wish all our visitors a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. It has been a bumper year for visitors and we have some exciting plans for the new year.

/ 23rd December 2014

New board for the coming General Election

We have created a new board on our forums for the General elections coming next year. We welcome posts from anyone including the candidates.

/ 20th November 2014

Visit Gloucestershire Updates

I am pleased to say that we are regularly increasing the number of visitors to the site. The most popular sections are: Our Bulletin Boards Our Local Directory Old Gloucester Alan’s Gloucestershire Transport History The bulletin boards are always popular...

/ 5th November 2014

What is Visit Gloucestershire all about?

Well, of course the site is about Gloucestershire. I’m sure that much is obvious, but lets make a couple of things clear. The site is nothing to do with any of our local councils, bodies or quangos, although we do...

/ 21st October 2014

Gloucestershire Portal in 2014

This web site is now on one of our brand new servers and is growing from strength to strength. It is a very large site of course, and the 4 most popular sections are: Our Bulletin boards The boards We provide...

/ 22nd February 2014

Who will be next weeks business of the week?

Every week we give a local ( Gloucestershire ) business some free publicity in our Featured Business of the Week board . Will it be you?   If not don’t worry , just contact us with a request and we will...

/ 24th February 2013

New look for the Gloucestershire Portal

Sadly our old them was a bit heavy, and did not display properly on mobile phones, so we are now working with the new look which should be better. We are still working on it but we should be finished...

/ 10th February 2013

The Gloucestershire Directory

Our local directory now lists just under 8000 Gloucestershire sites. This week we should hit the 8000, so if you are looking for Gloucestershire business or organisations then our directory should be your first port of call. The largest collection...

/ 3rd February 2013