At the Cross is St. Michael’s Tower . The tourist centre is no longer in the tower but has Eastgate Gloucesternow moved to new premises in Southgate Street. Many large stores are situated here and on the right opposite the guild hall is the new indoor market. The Portico which forms the entrance to the Eastgate Shopping Centre and leads to the new market, originally marked the entrance to the Eastgate Market which stood near to the shopping centre and shopping arcade.

The famous Beatrix Potter Tailor of Gloucester clock can be seen here and on the hour when the main animation takes place, you will very often see crowds waiting.The clock features an animated Tailor of Gloucester, mice, owl and cat and took approximately 15 months to build. If you have a good connection to the web you can see a video clip of the clock in action here.   Outside Boots the Chemists, one of the oak beams used for the city gates can be seen in an underground display area .The first of the new vocal information points has been placed here for the benefit of visitorsThe main city museum and library are in Brunswick road which leads off Eastgate St. by Boots the chemist.

Turn right down Wellington street for Gloucester park .   Over the traffic lights and the street turns into Barton Street , the original location for Barton Fair , held every September .There is a Muslim temple here and many small shops . The Tredworth area is within walking distance , a colourful area full of interesting old fashioned little shops

At the bottom of Eastgate Street you will see the Gloucester leisure centre. There are also concerts staged in the same building . Turn left here for the railway station .