Gloucester Spa

A spring was discovered in 1814 and the Gloucester Spa Company formed. A pump room was built and a row of magnificent houses which can still be seen in Spa road. A new church, Christ Church was built in Brunswick Road. If you have a fast connection, try our broadband section where you can see video clips of this area.

Unfortunately, the Spa pump rooms are no longer standing and the only thing to be seen of them now is a plaque on a tree by the bowling green. ( The author spent part of his apprenticeship working here )

On Spa Road, some of the original houses can still be seen including the old Judges lodgings which used to be used by the legal profession during Gloucester Assizes.

Gloucester Registry Office is no longer on this road and the building has been sold for flats. The Spa gardens are still lovely to walk around and visitors can watch a game of Bowls and cricket from here, before walking through to the main municipal park.