Even More Gloucester in The 1900s

A photograph of Lapington & Son Butchers Shop taken at the turn of the century.

The shop was situated on the corner ofMorlands Match Factory Rugby Teamand Greyfriers and shows what was possibly an entire weeks stock.

A similar picture was found a short while ago by a builder who was repairing the building. We can only assume that Mr Lapington had a number of copies made, possibly to give to his best customers.

Morlands Match Factory Rugby Team photographed at the start of the 1905/6 season.









It’s difficult to put a precise date on this photograph, but we think it was taken sometime in the late 1900s.t is a picture of Oxbode Lane, better known today as The Oxbode.

This lane was demolished in the late 1920s when The Bon Marche was extended from Northgate St to Kings Sq.The camera is looking west toward Northgate Street.

The ‘Bon’ was founded in 1889 by Mr John Pope and was, at the start, a small drapers shop on the corner of Northgate and Oxbode Lane. It is now owned by Debenhams.






Nothgate Street, Gloucester. This card is interesting because St. John’s Church spire is still intact.
It is date stamped 1917 and was sent to a soldier stationed in Weymouth which would account for it’s poor condition as he probably keep it in his pocket.



Mr Sumption who also took the picture of Howard Street on frame 1 of this section.
This time we see Conduit Street as it looked in 1900. The camera is situated on the corner of Hanman Road looking north.








Bull Lane GloucesterBull Lane as it would have looked at the turn 20th century.

The Bull Inn on the right was built in about 1700. This lane was once called Gore Lane. The reason for this was that during the 13 century there were a number of slaughter houses in the area.