Even More photos of Gloucester in the 1900s

The first 3 photographs on this page were taken on July 24th 1912 and show the aftermath of one of Gloucester’s biggest fires.It happened on the 23rd of July at J.A. Matthews & Co. Matthews was a furniture manufacturer in Llanthony Rd and High Orchard St, Golucester

The fire was so big it could be seen from all over the city and beyond.The factory was about 400 ft.long and the fire was so intense that it destroyed a livery stable in St. Luke Street and houses in High Orchard and Exhibition Street.

Men from Gloucester, Stroud and Cheltenham Fire Brigades were called upon to put it out

As you can just see from the inscription on this photograph the traction engine featured fell down an embankment near Over Bridge, Gloucester.

A Tinkers Stall in Barton Street, Gloucester.The building in the background is The Vauxhall Inn. Right: Westgate Street, Gloucester looking toward The Cross.On the far left of this picture is the old Theatre Royal.