Some more Photos of Gloucester during the 1900s

Harry Phillips aged about 14 years old on his butchers delivery round in Barnwood, Gloucester.The picture was taken around 1901.

This is F.R. Radford’s Butcher Shop which was situated at 68 Barton Street, Gloucester. Our thanks to Michaela Dovaston for these two photographs.

The picture below is Southgate Street taken around 1900 from the corner of The Cross and Westgate Street.

Here are two interesting pictures sent in by Gale Fletcher. Below is St. Michael’s Church that was once on The Cross with the main body of the building in Eastgate Street, Gloucester. Only the 15th century tower remains today, the church was demolished in 1956.

Below, and still looking toward The Cross,but this time from Eastgate Street toward Westgate, Gloucester we can see the major work that was undertaken to install the tram line junction which linked the four main streets of North, South, East and Westgate.

The Tramway system was installed in 1904 and the electricity to power it came a generating station in Commercial Rd, Gloucester which was opened in 1900