Two drug dealers from outside the county who were involved in supplying heroin and crack cocaine from London to Cheltenham and Didcot in Oxfordshire have been jailed to a total of over six years in prison.

On Tuesday (31 October) Hamid Haji, 21 and of Cowgate Road in London, was sentenced at Gloucester Crown Court to a total of three years and nine months for conspiracy to supply class A drugs between December 2016 and April 2017.

Kane Dixon, 20 and of Somerset Road in Southam, London, was also sentenced to a total of two years and six months for conspiracy to supply class A drugs between December 2016 and April this year.

Both males had been remanded in custody earlier in the year for these offences and both received credit for making guilty pleas prior to the trial.

Officers from the Constabulary’s Crime Operations team managed to gather overwhelming evidence that the pair were offering drugs to hundreds of Class A drugs users despite not recovering any drugs during the investigation.

So called ‘drug phones,’ which dealers often use to send text messages to potential drug addict customers, were central evidence in two separate cases involving the pair.

The first drugs line had the nickname “Bobby G”, while the second line had the nickname “Rocky”. Both phones were used to supply these destructive drugs into Gloucestershire.

Deals would be set up by phone before local drug runners would be contacted, again using these phones, to distribute the drugs and collect payment.

Police were able to show that despite their age both men were trusted members of an organised crime group at what has been described as a “middle management level”, with others operating above them and below.

PC Gav Davis, of Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Force Crime Operations Unit said: “We are committed to doing everything we can to disrupt, discourage and convict those involved in the county lines / dangerous drugs networks.

“Both Haji and Dixon were associated to a violent gang based in London that were selling Heroin and Crack Cocaine to local users in locations including Cheltenham and Didcot.

“I hope this shows the people belonging to and working for these groups that It does not matter if we do not manage to recover drugs from you we will still use every opportunity to lock you up.

“A lot of our work in catching and convicting people is because of calls and information from members of the public. Please do not think that we are ignoring you, if you contact us and do not see any action immediately, please keep calling , we are usually working hard in the background to build a case.

“If you have information to pass to the police you can call 101 or email . Alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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