Regular visitors will have seen lots of changes over the last few weeks and there are more to come. Softdata will soon be adding a new theme that will give us many advantages; More on this later.

We have a new Facebook page as many of our viewers have asked for this.

Gloucestershire DirectoryOur Gloucestershire Directory is now up and running on new software at . We have completed the import from the old software and new submissions are being accepted, but please only sites in or about Gloucestershire. If our spider has added your site, then you can click on the claim button. This gives you the ability to update it yourself. Apart from the website we allow your Twitter and Facebook pages to be added and of course relevant images.

We don’t just list business sites. Personal Blogs and sites are also welcome

It remains completely free to use as does the rest of this web site. Do let us know your thoughts


Our Bulletin boards have also been updated

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