More Gloucester Cathedral Pictures

You will also see Colonel Carne’s cross, carved with a nail in  the Chinese prison camps by the commanding officer of the ” Glorious Glosters” who preferred to go into captivity with his men rather than escape to freedom after the heroic battle at Solma-ri on the Imjin river during the Korean war in 1951. He was later awarded the Victoria Cross.

Built on an earlier Abbey the great south window was created in the reign of Edward 3rd. It is also famous for its beautiful cloisters and the wonderful perpendicular choir .

The Abbey had several inns built and the New Inn can still be seen in Northgate St.

The most outstanding feature of the nave is the Norman arcading with it’s huge columns that are 7 ft. wide and reach a height of 32 feet .

The East window, built in 1349 to commemorate the participation of local Knights in the battle of Crecy is the largest in England and measures 78 by 38 feet. (28.8m X 11.6m )