Gloucester in The 1950s/60s page23

The two pictures below show a couple of charity events in the city during the early 1960s.Who remembers the Wishing Well in Kings Square? Here we see a number of civic dignitaries lining up to make a wish. One sign on the well says,‘Ever wet a one pound note? Here’s your chance’It looks to me as if the Mayor was about to drop a coin on the head of a little boy!

This picture was taken inside St. Michaels Tower, The Cross.The idea was to fill the box with coins to match the ladies weight.All proceeds were then given to the Association for the Deaf.Both these ideas seem to be better than rattling a tin at passers by.

Here’s a bevy of beauties from the 1967 Miss Gloucester Contest.The photograph was kindly sent in by Kath who tells us the winner was June Morgan who, oddly enough, is in the second row from the front with the blond hair and belt around her waist.They all look winners to us.