Gloucester in The 1950s/60s page21

The first two photographs below were taken at Calton Road School in 1966 when the then headmistress, Miss Preen, retired.The pictures show a few members of staff, children and parents

Calton Road School in 1966

This picture was taken at Kingsholm Rugby Ground in about 1960.Standing at the back is Mr Fred Embling who was a well known sweet manufacturer in
in Gloucester. He also had a stall in the old Eastgate Market.In front of him (holding the tray) is Mr George Matthews whom, at that time, was better know as ‘Mr Flag Day’ as he spent a lot of his time collecting for local charities.


This is a very odd picture and probably the only one taken at the time.Not only that, but we had to put a border around it because it was taken at night.The photograph is of the ground floor of the Eastgate Shopping Precinct in 1969 before it had a roof put on.As you can see, there were already some traders in business!