Gloucester in The 1920s/30s

Two photographs of the Gloucester Park fountain. The first shows the fountain actually working. The camera is situated near the war memorial looking west.

Gloucester Park fountain

The camera is looking north toward, what is now, theUnited Reform Church, but in those days it was the Whitefield Memorial Church. The Bell Hotel, Southgate St. This is one of a number of postcards that the hotel sold to their guests.A classic building that should neverhave been knocked down.

The Bell

The Bell Hotel

A boat on the Gloucester Canal.This picture was taken at Elmore Back and in the background you can just see Rea Bridge

A little picture of one of the bungalows that lined the canal bank.No gas, electricity or fresh running water

ou can just see one of the bungalows peeping behind that bank of giant daisies.Times were hard, but the setting was peaceful