Officers attended the All Nations Community Club in Gloucester last night at the request of the trustees to discuss recent issues including the temporary closure order that had restricted their opening hours. 

Discussions are now continuing between Gloucestershire Constabulary and the club’s management over how to reduce the risk of disorder taking place on or near the premises.

It follows the discharging of a firearm in Chase Lane in November. 12 men have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Last night’s meeting was attended by around 70 members of the local community.

Chief Inspector Neil Smith said: “It was very clear that everyone was extremely passionate about their club and everyone wished to be updated around the rationale of the temporary closure.

“The situation was explained in detail with many questions answered and while the overriding feeling was that the community was being punished for the acts of a few individuals we explained that unfortunately recent incidents, particularly the discharging of a firearm, is a risk to the community itself. As have responsibility to keep people safe from harm we have to look at all ways of stopping it happening again.

“The meeting was very positive as it allowed the community to ask the questions that they had and many misconceptions around the polices actions were answered.

“Now is the time for the committee and trustees to work with us.

“I am acutely aware of how important the club is to our communities within Gloucester.

“The closure order was not something we wished to do but we have a responsibility to look after everyone and keep them safe from harm.

“I am very confident that as we move into 2018 the club will flourish and with our support we can assist in transforming it into something the community wants.”


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