This web site is now on one of our brand new servers and is growing from strength to strength. It is a very large site of course, and the 4 most popular sections are:

  1. Our Bulletin boards The boards We provide local news and events here, and we also encourage local business. The boards are free to join and we have a featured business of the week, and a special board to allow local companies to tell us all about their business
  2. The Gloucestershire Directory  We now list over 8000 Gloucestershire web sites. It is free to add any local site
  3. The Video Section As more of us get good broadband connections this section grows in popularity
  4. Old Gloucester Old photos of Gloucester. We will be adding to this section this year with 1990 photos

The visitor count is continually growing and we hope you enjoy your visit here. As always let us know if there is anything you would like added to our site

Posted by Visit Gloucestershire