Inevitably this has created a lot of public interest and lots of debate. After a lot of thought I can’t say I support it myself. However, I have just made the mistake of looking at some of the comments on the TIG site.

I have rarely come across such vile people. Horrible comments always abound on that site of course, but the badger stories contain some of the worst I have seen in a long time.

Apparently all farmers are evil Tories, we must stop eating meat, and we must stop eating dairy products, and of course we are being told we must also boycott any supermarket that supplies British meat.

The boycott has, like a lot of these things been hijacked by extremists

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  1. Just followed your link and i agree with you. These people are horrid manipulators. If i want to eat meat i damned well will

  2. I’m no extremist, I’m just your run of the mill housewife & mother, who, along with many other ordinary people will be boycotting meat & dairy from farmers involved in this terrible attack on our badgers. Hard as it is to fathom, some of us happen to have principles and a dose of humanity to boot!

    1. Naturally nobody one who doesn’t agree with you has any humanity or principles. It is extremist to call this an attack on badgers and imo plain daft.

      I will be enjoying my local lamb very much indeed this evening.

      1. Of course its an attack on our badgers, all justification for the cull has now been blown out of the water. What is very clear is that some people value wildlife a lot more than others, & during this whole debacle one thing has been very heartening to see, and that is, so many ordinary people are prepared to fight to save it —& that people like yourself are the minority.

        I too will enjoy my lamb, knowing its been reared ethically and equally as importantly knowing the farmer appreciates the wildlife on his land and treats it sympathetically. chao

  3. My lamb was bought from a local butcher who I trust. and reared by a local farmer.

    You have no evidence to say people who don’t agree are in the minority, and you didn’t bother to read the article. If you had you would see I said plainly I was against it, after having studied and thought about it for some time. What I am against is the demonisation of farmers, and attacks on a legal business by thugs.

    Culls are part of animal management. For example we have culls on wild boar in the forest of Dean, and deer, both wild and farmed are regulary culled.

    What is very clear from your post is that you didn’t read what I wrote.

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