Saxon Gloucester

The Anglo Saxon invasion started around 400AD and Gloucester was conquered in 577AD .The Anglo Saxon Chronicles state ” In this year Cuthwine and Ceawlin fought against the Britons and killed three Kings, Conmail,Condidan, and Farinmail at the place which is called Dyrham; and they captured three of their cities, Gloucester,Cirencester and Bath

In 628 AD the west Saxons were defeated by the Mercians and it is thought that about this time the Kingdom of Hwicce was created. This Kingdom corresponded roughly to the counties of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

Political power ensured the spread of the Anglo Saxon Church and in new Minster’s were the order of the day . In Gloucester, Osric founded a monastery and Church dedicated to St.Peter ( later to become the Cathedral ).Gloucester was a double monastery with houses for men and women. The leaders of these monasteries were aristocrats, not humble priests and we must remember that in this society, rank was extremely important.

We don’t really know what the monastery looked like, but it probably consisted of a stone Church and two enclosed areas; one for men and the other for women. At this time , Gloucester was a very small town, dominated by the old Roman ruins, but the founding of the monastery encouraged growth.