Bishop Hooper Burned at the stake at Gloucester

Bishop HooperBishop John Hooper, the second bishop of Gloucester was born in 1495 in Somerset. After finishing his education at Merton College Oxford, he was believed to have become a monk at Cleeve and then a Friar at Blackfriars Gloucester.

After the dissolution of the monasteries he returned to Oxford where he became influenced by the Protestant reformers Bullinger and Zwingli. His outspoken criticism of Church practices ultimately made him flee to the continent in 1539. John Hooper settled in Zurich for several years.

The fire went out 3 times as the reeds and wood were damp an eye witness account includes :

….but when he was black in the mouth and his tongue swollen that he could not speak,yet his lips went until they were shrunk to the gums,and he knocked his breast with his hands until one of his arms fell off, and then knocked still with the other, what time the fat,water and blood, dropped at his finger ends, until by renewing of the fire his strength was gone and his hand did cleave fast in knocking on the iron upon his breast.So, immediately bowing forwards he yielded up his spirit .