Romance is in the air at the Eastgate Shopping Centre, Gloucester and visitors to the Centre on Saturday, 27 January can take part in the ‘Get Hooked Up’ Valentine’s Competition.

As a timely reminder that the most romantic day of the year is nearly upon us, between 11am and 3pm, shoppers out buying cards, chocolates and gifts for their ‘significant other’ will be handed a fishing rod and invited to ‘hook’ one of the gift bags displayed.

Each bag contains a card suggesting which level of prize the angler has won or whether they will receive a consolation prize of a chocolate duck.  The top and medium prizes, which have been sourced from the shops and stores in the Centre, will be on display and the winner invited to select which prize they want.

“The ‘Get Hooked Up for Valentine’s Day’ competition is free to enter,” says Jason Robinson, Manager of the Eastgate Shopping Centre.  “and all our shoppers’ ‘angling’ skills will be rewarded.

No one’s love goes unrequited as there are even consolation prizes of chocolate ducks – so everyone’s a winner!”

“From cards to chocolates, jewellery to romantic breaks, there’s something special for everyone at the Eastgate Shopping Centre this Valentine’s Day!”

Gloucester News Centre –

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