Gloucestershire Airport will be conducting a live exercise on tomorrow evening to test their emergency response plans.

In keeping with the Civil Aviation Authority’s legislation and Licensing requirements, a live exercise will to take place to test the effectiveness of the Emergency Plan.

The scenario will simulate an aircraft accident within the airport boundary and to be as realistic as practically possible, will include the use of fire, smoke and actors.

The exercise will be supported by the external emergency services and will therefore test both the airports response to an accident and that of the supporting services.

The exercise will simulate that of an ATR72 aircraft which can hold up to 72 passengers. This is the largest aircraft type that can use the airport and is often seen during the Cheltenham Gold Cup week.

The aircraft is flight planned to arrive at Gloucestershire Airport on the 19th April at 18.50 hrs with 25 passengers on board, including the flight crew.

The aircraft will land, but due to the runway surface conditions will overshoot the runway.

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