Webmaster Information

If you are responsible for a web site, the   following information may be of interest to you. We hope you find it helpful.  

This is one of the most visited Gloucestershire sites. In the last 12 months we have had over 9.6 million visitors.

How do I get my site listed on the Gloucestershire   Portal

We do not charge for a listing in our directory,   and we encourage local web masters and design companies to add their sites, but   we do check each submission to make sure that it is relevant. We guarantee a   listing to every site that is based in Gloucestershire. The only exception we   make is that we do not list pornographic or illegal content. This is a family   safe site. You can submit your site   here.


We also have a new board on our Gloucestershire Forum where business owners can post a free advertisement for their business.

It is also worth looking at the Gloucestershire Directory FAQ

We offer some useful tools for webmasters, all   free of charge. You can make a request to change the description of your web   site by clicking on the more info link on your listing. Visitors can vote for   your site here, and even write a review. You can also see the code there to   allow you to put a rating form on your own site.

I didn’t submit my site

From time to time we send our spider out looking   for sites, so your site may have been added that way. Simply contact us by Email or   telephone us on 01452-502508, and once we are sure that you are the genuine   site owner, we will create a log in for you