The Battle for Gloucester

the main battle


The battle takes place over the 3 days of the bank holiday. Saturday is the first barrage. The king meets with Robert Massie to ask the city to surrender. The largest guns fire a barrage at the city walls, and then Charles 1st arrives. His herald read out the proclamation, and Gloucester rejects it. The King, then proceeds with a second barrage.

We bring you some photos and video clips of the events. To view the video clips, you will need Windows Media player version 7 or later and a high speed connection ( ISDN, cable modem or ADSL )

Video Clips

Two wenches

The Kings men

The King Arrives

The King Meets Robert Massie

The Proclamation is read and Robert Massire Replies

The guns Fire and the Seige of Gloucester Begin


The Royalist Guns Fire a barrage

Fighting men of King Charles 1st

Royalist3.jpg (14770 bytes)

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