Promote your Gloucestershire Business or club

The Gloucestershire Portal has been promoting local business for many years. There are also many ways that you can promote yourself here as well. Join our bulletin boards ( free of charge ) We have a section “Tell us about...

/ 24th November 2012

Old Gloucester site

This weekend I am moving the old Gloucester site to this location . I want to add to this section when finished and keep it as a memorial to my old friend John Tocknel, a stalwart Gloucester man who is sadly...

/ 10th November 2012

St John’s Church Churchdown scheme safely disposes your old computer

St John’s Church, located by the Hare & Hounds in Churchdown (GL3 2DB) have found the solution. They have linked up RDC who will collect the computers from St Johns, remove all data from all equipment, either using government approved...

/ 29th October 2012

Actors wanted in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire

The Second (Passion) Cycle of the Mystery Plays takes place in Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals next Easter. It tells the story of Jesus’ adult life, including the Passion and Resurrection, and ends with the Last Judgement, There are 65 roles...

/ 25th October 2012

Gloucestershire badger cull

Inevitably this has created a lot of public interest and lots of debate. After a lot of thought I can’t say I support it myself. However, I have just made the mistake of looking at some of the comments on...

/ 21st October 2012

Site updates

This weekend I’m working hard on fetching our old content into the new CMS, and generally updating the site.

/ 20th October 2012

More updates

We have finally managed to get rid of the bugs that were plaguing us and we are now concentrating on importing all the old information. Thank you for the positive comments, please keep them coming in.

/ 10th October 2012
Gloucestershire Countryside

Gloucestershire Portal updates

We have now launched our new CMS which gives a new look to our web site, and makes it easier to add new content. Over the next week we will be importing all of the old site, and then we...

/ 6th October 2012

Welcome to our new look

Welcome to the new look on the Gloucestershire Portal. We do have much more to bring over from the old site, but we will be adding content daily

/ 4th October 2012