Who will be next weeks business of the week?

Every week we give a local ( Gloucestershire ) business some free publicity in our Featured Business of the Week board . Will it be you?   If not don’t worry , just contact us with a request and we will...

/ 24th February 2013

New look for the Gloucestershire Portal

Sadly our old them was a bit heavy, and did not display properly on mobile phones, so we are now working with the new look which should be better. We are still working on it but we should be finished...

/ 10th February 2013

The Gloucestershire Directory

Our local directory now lists just under 8000 Gloucestershire sites. This week we should hit the 8000, so if you are looking for Gloucestershire business or organisations then our directory should be your first port of call. The largest collection...

/ 3rd February 2013

Gloucestershire Portal Updates

Our boards, blogs and galleries have all been updated this week to the latest versions and we are moving the rest of our old content here this week.

/ 21st January 2013

It is past time the Citizen and Echo got their act together

We need local newspapers, and of course a large number of people, including yours truly, look for local news on their web site. It does seem odd that a group this size is so incompetent that they can not implement...

/ 2nd December 2012

Is the worst of the flooding over for Gloucester: and are our defences working?

From Richard Graham MP In 2007 we remember Gloucestershire water was cut off, electricity only just saved and over a thousand residents forced to abandon their homes. Are we seeing a repeat? Today river water levels are 0.5m below those...

/ 28th November 2012

Would you like to be our Featured business of the week?

If you would like to be our Featured business of the week there is only 1 qualification needed. You must be a Gloucestershire company. Our boards get a large amount of traffic so it can be very worthwhile. Just let...

/ 26th November 2012

Promote your Gloucestershire Business or club

The Gloucestershire Portal has been promoting local business for many years. There are also many ways that you can promote yourself here as well. Join our bulletin boards ( free of charge ) We have a section “Tell us about...

/ 24th November 2012

Old Gloucester site

This weekend I am moving the old Gloucester site to this location . I want to add to this section when finished and keep it as a memorial to my old friend John Tocknel, a stalwart Gloucester man who is sadly...

/ 10th November 2012

St John’s Church Churchdown scheme safely disposes your old computer

St John’s Church, located by the Hare & Hounds in Churchdown (GL3 2DB) have found the solution. They have linked up RDC who will collect the computers from St Johns, remove all data from all equipment, either using government approved...

/ 29th October 2012