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Regular visitors will have seen lots of changes over the last few weeks and there are more to come. Softdata will soon be adding a new theme that will give us many advantages; More on this later. We have a...

/ 17th February 2016

Directory Updates

We are moving our Gloucestershire directory to new software. You can browse it here. We are currently moving the old data to the new one and should be finished very soon. Submissions are also open and live, but please remember...

/ 29th December 2015

A very Merry Christmas to you all

We wish all our readers a very merry Christmas. It is now only a few days until the big day. We will be doing some major work on this site, especially to our Gloucestershire directory but we will be doing...

/ 14th December 2015

Major upgrades for Visit Gloucestershire

We will be upgrading our bulletin boards first to the latest version but the biggest job will be changing our Gloucestershire directory. At present this is running on a cgi script that is sadly no longer supported. We will be...

/ 8th December 2015

Vulcan bomber flies over Gloucestershire

Yesterday the last flying Vulcan flew over Staverton. We are lucky that anything flying over Gloucestershire airport is easily seen from our garden. It was a magnificent site and here are a few photos.      

/ 12th October 2015

Gloucester Retro Festival Festival Images

Click any image for a slide show

/ 29th August 2015

Big Changes coming for Visit Gloucestershire

We will be performing a major upgrade next week to our bulletin boardsĀ and then over the next few weeks you will see some dramatic changes to the whole site. Look out for a major announcement over the coming weeks. Another...

/ 22nd August 2015

The William Webb Ellis Cup. #RWC2015 at Gloucester Cathedral

The Webb Ellis Cup is the trophy awarded to the winner of the Rugby World Cup, the premier competition in men’s international rugby union. The Cup is named after William Webb Ellis, who is often credited as the inventor of...

/ 16th July 2015

Aggressive fundraising by “charities”

Sadly many national charities have just forgotten what charity really means. They have turned from charitable institutions into lobbying organisations and they seem to think that paying millions in advertising and paying their staff vast amounts of money is ok....

/ 11th July 2015

A day in Parliament

On Wednesday this week, I and my oldest friend took the train to London and then to Parliament to see prime ministers questions and a tour of the buildings with out MP Richard Graham. We had a wonderful day there....

/ 19th June 2015