Gloucester in the 1920s- Pubs and Bands

The Convics. No it’s not a misspelling, but a play on words.The Convics were based at The Victoria Pub in High St and played a lot for charity.

The garden of The Victoria Pub.The camera is looking toward Ducie Street.Here are the lads from The Vic on a trip to The Queens Head.Interesting to note there are no ladies present.

Here’s a fine bunch of men on a charabanc trip to Gough’s Caves. They will not be short of entertainment on their bumpy journey. I can spot one man with a malodeon and another with what appears to be a ukulele. No doubt there are a few crates of beer hidden away too.

Here’s an interesting photograph sent in by Ted.B. It shows three distinguished gentlemen in College Green on their way to the funeral of Sir Herbert Brewer who was organist at Gloucester Cathedral from 1897 to 1928..The gentlemen from the left are Charles Lee Williams, Sir Edward Elgar and Theodore Hannam-Clark.Ted tells us that this picture was found hiding behind another in an old frame.This must be the reason why it is in such good condition