Following the incident at Parson’s Green, London yesterday, Friday 15 September, the Prime Minister announced that the terror threat level in Britain has been raised to critical.

That means that another attack may be imminent.

As a result officers from Gloucestershire Constabulary have been working during the night to assess the situation in the county and the likely impact.

Assistant Chief Constable Julian Moss says that people should not be unduly alarmed, but should remain calm and alert at all times.

“Last night the Prime Minister raised the threat level in Britain to critical which means that another attack may be imminent.
“At this time we do not believe that there is a specific threat to Gloucestershire but I would urge everyone to be vigilant, aware of what is going on around you and report anything which you think is suspicious to police.

“Over the next few days you may witness an increased police presence on the streets, including armed officers. Do not be alarmed.  Our aim is to ensure a visible police presence across the county and ensure everyone’s safety over the coming days and beyond.

“We will continue to review our plans to meet the needs of Gloucestershire and I am sure you would want us to do eveything we can to prevent further attacks.

“Terrorists thrive on instilling fear, and I want you to be confident that we are doing everything in our power to keep you safe.

“Be alert at all times, but remain calm and help us by reporting anything suspicious to us. Working together, both here in Gloucestershire and further afield, we stand a better chance of defeating terrorism.

“If you concerned, please dial 999 immediately or call the anti-terror hotline 0800 789321.”

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