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Residents plea to housing group: please help us

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FRUSTRATED residents are crying out for help after spending the winter freezing in their homes.

Residents of Gloucestershire Housing Association (GHA) properties in Ayland Gardens, Podsmead, wrote to the housing provider in February to raise grave concerns with the state of their homes.

The annoyed group say families and children living in the properties suffered during the bitter winter due to ineffective heating, and still have to put up with the bad state of repair of their homes.

In the letter to bosses, tenant Sharon Brock said: "The bricks and mortar and internal fixture and fittings issues have been reported many times over a number of years to your head office.

"Families and their children still continue to suffer and have put up with structural and disrepair problems for too many years and we have had enough."

Sharon said she was at her wits' end after having heard nothing from the housing association, and has challenged bosses to live up to their contractual obligation to "keep in good repair the structure of the premises" including window sills, frames and catches.

She added the windows made the homes drafty and increased energy bill costs for tenants, while the radiators were too small.

In a final plea to the GHA, she wrote: "This is scandalous as you are receiving good public income for rent while you are in breach of your obligations and duty of care to your tenants and our children.


"What are you going to do about this? We cannot wait anymore, our health is suffering."

A petition with a dozen signatures on it has now been handed to housing chiefs.

Peter Brookes, head of property services at the group, said: "We were very concerned to receive a petition from residents at Ayland Gardens about the windows and heating systems there.

"We aim to maintain the homes we provide in good condition and are sorry that in this case we have not responded more quickly to residents concerns.

"Some repairs have already been completed and we have agreed for a skilled window technician to attend to the windows of the lead petitioner."

Other properties will also be looked at, he added.


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