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Travellers have moved into Podsmead on former car forecourt

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TRAVELLERS have broken into a former car forecourt in Podsmead.

Four transit vans and four caravans are believed to have forced entry onto the former Cheap Car Trade Centre site, in Bristol Road, on Sunday night.

Philip Tovey, who lives in Podsmead, saw the group when he was walking by on Monday.

He said: "They weren't there on Sunday evening so they must have moved onto the site really late.

"I don't know who owns the site now, but these people need to learn to secure their property better.

"It looked like these guys forced their way on, but still, it could have been better secured.

"It looks to me like they have broken one of the locks in order to get into the site."

He added that he hoped the situation would be resolved sooner rather than later.

He said: "I've got no problems with travellers but there are certain places they should go, and certain places they shouldn't, and where they are now is definitely a place they shouldn't be.

"Surely there are designated traveller sites all across the county where they could base themselves?

"They can be quite intimidating to some people.

"I just hope they leave without a fuss and without causing a mess."

Gloucester City Councillor Jennie Dallimore (Con, Podsmead) is also keen to see them leave as soon as possible.


She said: "I hope the legal proceedings can be worked through as quickly as possible so they are moved on.

"I hope when they do move on they don't leave any mess and there is no trouble either.

"I would urge any local resident or business in the area to contact their local representative or the police if they are experiencing any problems."

Meanwhile, a police spokesman said: "We received a report on Sunday night that four transit vans and four caravans had parked on private land just off the Bristol Road.

"We attended the site on Monday morning with the landowner, whom we advised on the courses of action now open to him.

"Advice was also given to those who had arrived at the site about their behaviour while they are at the location."

This is not the first time travellers have come to Gloucester, with Denmark Road High School, Plock Court, and Alney Island being broken into in the past year.

At the time of going to press the travellers were still at the site.

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