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community spirit is alive and well

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DESPITE recent graffiti and vandalism in Podsmead, two youngsters have proved that community spirit in the area is still alive and well.

On June 27, police received reports of damage to the Oaklands Park community notice board in Podsmead Place.

However, just days after the incident friends Josh Cromwell, 12, his brother Lewis Cromwell, 10, from Sycamore Close, and Nathan Charnock, 10, and Callum Carter, 12, decided to fix the damage.

Josh, a pupil at Severn Vale School in Quedgeley, said: "We were out playing football and I was in goal and got a bit bored.

"I saw the sign and thought I would try to fix it. It was all dented and there was paint on there too.

"I tried to get all the dents out and then I put the seal around it back in place to stop people getting hurt on it.

"I think it is bad people do things like that and so me and my friends decided to do something about it that would be good for the community."

Lewis, a pupil at Calton Junior School, said: "We were all playing and Josh started pushing it to fix it and so we all came along and helped push it back in place. It looks much better now and it is safer now too."

PC Lucie Koeltgen, the local police officer, said: "It is believed that the notice board was damaged by a young male on June 26.

"Fortunately, help was at hand when a small group of local children carefully repaired the board.

"It's always frustrating when local property is damaged needlessly in this way, however I commend these boys who repaired the notice board.

"They obviously take pride in their local community and have acted in a way which sets an example to us all."

Gloucester city councillor Jennie Dallimore (Con. Podsmead) reported the damaged sign to police in the first instance, but the following day it had been repaired.

She said: "You wouldn't know that it had ever been broken, they've done a great job."

Meanwhile, on June 26 Mrs Dallimore informed police that the pavilion on Wingate Playing Field had been scrawled with graffitti, marked with the tag 'shadow'.

She said: "It was quite a nasty incident and it looks awful. It is very unpleasant for the community.

"We need to find out who did this."

Anyone with any information can contact Gloucester South Safer Community Team on 0845 090 1234.


Well done :jazzybass:

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yep this was great to hear

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