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SCAM ALERT ! Eurochance 100 ......Is a EuroCON !

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SCAM ALERT ! Eurochance ? .... No it's a EuroCON !

If you receive a phone call from Eurochance 100 saying you've won an Audi Quattro or you are among the top 50 winners

DO NOT part with any bank details... Just HANG UP ! It's a CON !

I got a phone call this evening from a guy who was saying, you've won an Audi has offered me free lottery tickets in the Eurochance. I will get a free Haggle card as well for life. The catch is I will need to pay £9 pounds a week for 208 tickets but they will only garantee a minimum of 2 minimum prizes a week that are shared between 100 persons so on the end of the day a minimum price is arround £7. So you pay £9 a week and you will get normally the "big and wonderful" ammount of arround £0.90 back so you can see that is a con.

I told the man to call me back later in the week and then checked out Eurochance on the web and found it mentioned here and someone that used to work for them said it WAS a con.

See post by Lotteryman here ...

PS: They used a FREEPHONE 0800 Tel No


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Euro scams are nothing new.

About ten years ago I had a phone call telling me I had won a first aid kit. The guy said I only had to confirm my postcode, which I did. About three weeks later a parcel came with a very dodgy kit that included unwrapped plasters, a few packs of hand wash and a pair of scissors. Also included was a bill for £23.00, which was sent from Holland. As I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t pay and sent them a letter telling them it was unsolicited mail and to send me £10 for storage and return postage. At the same time I got in touch with Trading Standards who told me that many people have had the same problem and to take no notice and that they were investigating the company.

A few months later, I had letter from the company who said I now owed them £23 plus £10 interest and a reminder fee. I kept in touch with Trading Standards who told me to ignore it. This nonsense went on for months.

A year later, I had a letter from some sort of agency asking me if I had ever received a first aid kit from Royal Consulting in the Netherlands. On advice, I didn’t answer the letter and have never heard a thing since.

I was also in touch with the newspaper about this particular scam.

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