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Mind the cows on Minchinhampton Common

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There is a fresh warning for motorists to take care on Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons after a cow was hit by a car on Saturday night.

So far, since the cattle were released on to the commons back in May, there have been no cow fatalities following collisions with cars.

One cow was found dead on the road, but it is believed to have died from natural causes.

On Saturday, a cow suffered ‘a glancing blow’ by the car, which suffered significant damage, in the collision at around 9.30pm.

Mark Dawkins, the Hayward who looks after the livestock, said: “The cow was hit but ran off, it is alive and kicking so to speak.

“We understand there was a woman driving a car and hit the cow, which stepped out into the road.

“It did quite a bit of damage to her car.”

Mr Dawkins said it was quite typical of the sort of accident that happens on the commons – especially as the nights start to draw in.

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Sadly another cow has been killed......

"A COW has been killed on Minchinhampton Common after being hit by a car last night.

It happened on the Cirencester Road, just south from the Moor Court junction on the Bear of Rodborough side of the common.

Both the cow and the car, which has severe frontal damage, remain on the scene of the incident.

Last year seven cows were killed in collisions, three dying in just one week.

The speed limit on Cirencester Road, which stretches past the Bear of Rodborough and across Minchinhampton Common, is 40mph, with many motorists seen to have exceeded this speed."

The speed limit of 40mph seems far too fast to me.



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