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Cashes Green man, 81, fined for placing cones on road to stop motorists blocking access to his home

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AN 81-year-old man from Cashes Green was fined for putting cones out in front of his home to stop bad parking.

Anthony Blanch has lived on Springfield Road for more than 20 years, but he has become increasingly annoyed by cars parking across gateways and front doors, so he put out cones to deter the drivers.

He said: “I’m a pensioner, I’m 81, and I can’t get out of my house at times, the last person I had parked across the gate put his car there and went off on holiday for two weeks.

“People are putting cones in front of gateways, so they don’t get blocked in. But the council come round and say that putting cones in the road can get you fined.

“For trying to keep your gate free of parked cars?”

Mr Blanch, who is a blue badge holder, was recently handed a £60 fine for putting out cones on the road to stop the motorists.

He also said that his next door neighbour, who only moved in a few months ago, is now considering moving house because of the problems.

She has a young child and struggles to get her pushchair out of her house because the cars are blocking her way.

Jim Daniels, parking manager at Gloucestershire County Council said: “We always do our best to help people who have issues with parking. There are no parking restrictions in place here, so unfortunately we’re limited to what we can do.

“If vehicles are causing an obstruction on the highways the police have powers to take action even when there are not restrictions. The council don’t have the same powers.

“We would suggest that Mr Blanch notes the times and number plates and reports those to the police by ringing 101.”

A police spokesman said: “Gloucestershire Constabulary will always try and help where we can with obstructive parking.

“We have had two calls from Mr Blanch in the past year and on both occasions officers attended and assisted where we could.

“We do have powers when it comes to obstructive parking but any long term changes to the road markings or road restrictions is the responsibility of the council.”

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