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The Scandinavian Coffee Pod Cheltenham

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Premium Coffee from a Gloucestershire Company

Started in November 2014 in St. Georges Place, Cheltenham, the Coffee Pod is now roasting their own coffee and selling on line.

Quality counts and they buy the best coffee beans they can get. They Use 4 Different beans, Source green beans ethically and uses an importer in the U.K. Beans are of single origin.

Coffee Beans are green before roasting. The pulp of the “cherry” were originally mashed with fat for an energy pick me up and the green beans were discarded.

The beans currently being used were picked 6 months ago.

The 4 types of beans they use are from





The beans from Nicaragua, Cerrdejesus, the farmer has built a School for the farm children.

Our Visit

IMG_8290a.jpgWe visited the “pod” in Cheltenham on Thursday morning and were treated to a fascinating demonstration. We saw the beans being roasted and ground and were then given a fresh cup of the coffee. Both of us were very impressed with the flavour and the aroma of the coffee. It says a lot that I normally have sugar in my coffee. I was urged to try it without and I have to confess it was delicious. No bitterness at all.

We took a packet home and tried it again and it was even better. All in all we can’t recommend it highly enough


















The beans are added to the hopper at the right temperature, as the beans heat up the moisture content converts to steam and the beans expand so they crack. The colour changes to yellow, tan, cinnamon and then to the expected coffee colour.



Our hopper can roast from 100 grams  to 2.5 kilos and we can produce 60 – 70 kilos per day.




When the beans crack they expand and lets the steam out. If you manage the temperature correctly the flavours develop. You have to let the heat out as soon as possible or they beans develop a bitter taste.



  • The Scandinavian Coffee Pod Ltd 2016 | Festival House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham GL50 3SH, UK 

                                           Web Site


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