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My name is REBECCA Douglas (nee MORGAN) I am searching for my father. I dont have too much information about him, so i will just tell you what i know.

I believe his name is Don & he lived in Gloucester with his parents who may or may not have lived on a farm.

In 1967 (when he met my mother) BRONWEN MORGAN he was working in CWMAVON in South Wales in the building or construction trade. He was still living with his parents in Gloucester and would travel for work in Cwmavon.

He would have been around the age of 20 - 22 at the time, which would make the year he was born, 1945 - 1947 (ish)

He was lodging at the local pub/b&b in Cwmavon while working, it was called THE HONG KONG??? (This was demolished in the 1970's)

My mother was in her 30's at the time and was working at the pub. Not long after she got pregnant with me, she moved from Cwmavon to a caravan in Alltwen, then just after i was born we moved onto Herbert St, Pontardawe (South Wales) (the houses since been demolished to make room for the flyover). We then moved to Lon Tan Yr Allt in Alltwen.

I believe from what I have been told by family members, that my father knew about me & paid my mother maintenance up untill he himself got married a few years after i was born. No one has heard anything from or about him since.

My mother passed away in November 1977 when I was 9 years old so i have no other information about him. His name is not on my birth certificate, I don't know his surname.

I don't want to cause him any stress & neither do i want to cause trouble to him or his family. I simply need to know if he is alive, his surname & furthermore, does he ever think if me...

If everyone could pass this on to your friends of friends of friends, then maybe it might get to someone who might know of him or his family.

Thank you x

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