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Help to shape the future of Barton and Tredworth

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The City Council is giving local people the chance to help shape the Barton and Tredworth area for years to come.

A team of Gloucester City Council’s staff are currently visiting all areas of the city to get the views of people who live and work there. They will be asking those that attend the City Plan consultation events where they think new developments could go or how more could be made of the buildings and spaces an area already has.

By developments they don’t just mean where they can build shops and houses and what there should be, although this is one area they are looking at, but more about what would be the best use for a space. For example could it better used as an allotment site or play area.

City Council Leader Paul James said, “Each area of the city has its own unique character and Barton and Tredworth benefits from a real sense of community and some valuable community facilities.

“However, we also acknowledge that there are problems in the area which need addressing. Due to the ever changing population and number of properties in multiple occupation there can be issues relating to parking and a lack of open spaces, play areas and sports provision.”

“This session is a great opportunity for those and live in Barton and Tredworth let the Council know what is great about living in their area, as well as what improvements they think could be made.”

“Harnessing local knowledge can be the best way to bring about positive change.”

Officers will be bringing the City Plan consultation to the Barton Community Centre on Wednesday 19th June from 3.30-6.30pm. A full list of venues can be viewed at

Residents are a­­­­­lso being asked to upload images of why they love living in their area onto the city council’s twitter and facebook pages.

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Hmm - isn't that what the Barton & Tredworth Neighbourhood Project been doing for years?

Part of my job is getting a list of planning applications for our area being sent me by the council, to inform our Parnership. Yet we have NOT been informed about this yet, despite local councillors & council staff being part of our organisation. Myself & others have attended planning committees in the past, including the India House debacle.

Whilst this 'initiative' is most welcome, it's hardly new. When Community Counts was running, we did this regularly, without the fanfare. Shame that some politician has just 'discovered' this and put their own name to it.

Paul Harries

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Hmm - isn't that what the Barton & Tredworth Neighbourhood Project been doing for years?

I understand where you are coming from Paul, at the moment we have a similar event happening in Queensland.

The State Government has instituted a 30 year plan for what Queenslanders want to see as to the development of their State and are inviting the Public to put forward their ideas.

I just feel that the following should be taken into account, when assessing this Plan; :itolduso:

The life span of the State Government is 4 years.

That Political Party may not be re-elected and OUT goes the 30 year plan. :butbut:

We have State & Federal Government, who have differing views :451: as to Development (the Federal Government also only last 4 years, before the next election, when that Political Party may not be re-elected). :pokey000:

Majority of the people that will bother to send in their ideas will be 30 and above, of this number a large amount may not live another 30 years. :(

We, as you, also have local governing bodies & councils who are attempting to look after their areas. :wacko:

It is therefore understandable that many see it as a way of placating people electorally. :rolleyes:

I hope that I am wrong in my views but at the age of 62, I may be among those who may not see if the idea comes to any fruition, HOPEFULLY this will not be the case. :woot_jum:

I look forward to the passing of the next 30 years and cheering for the Queensland Government of 2013, who proved this POST (and I) wrong. :icon_biggrin:

Nobby :hehe:

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