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  1. oroin,are you still the moderator,i was an active member a couple of years ago,i wanted to do my profile but cant find where to do it,i am now signed in as angelsmum and my old profile is listed under wendy in the members site,could you possibly change it over to my new user name (angelsmum)please,thankyou,wendy

  2. That was me Doughnut. All us old boys know you chuck good stuff away. How else can I become a dedicated follower of fashion?
  3. Use Google to find out if it's a scam. Example search charity bag scam. You can also search an unfamiliar telephone number.
  4. I will take a look at what's left in my piggybank.
  5. I see there has been no change there. You forgot about when you painted the carpet instead of the ceiling or was that the same time? No good asking you to give me a hand then. Come to think of it, you won a number of Wally awards and not just for your painting.
  6. Go Outdoors is a great new store. It's all there and nicely laid out. If you haven't had a look, do go.
  7. Thank you Doughnut for not suggesting I shoud be an exhibit which is your usual type of remark. . Whatever, this is good news and I hope it comes to fruition.
  8. I wish them well, but I don't think it will be like the 'Real' Cafe Roma that was.
  9. It's the only way to travel. Question: Did the brides father pay for it? R&R wouldn't have gone, Doughnut. He didn't know about it because he's been banned from the computer. The last message he posted on here was using my machine. Goodness knows what he was looking at, but I've been getting some very unusual spam.
  10. I've restrained from adding to this thread up until now and I've only one thing to add - Most of it, with the exception of King Sq and the piece Kay added, is a load of cobblers.
  11. Disabled people always seem to be an easy target. It's a disgrace.
  12. Great pictures, Eddie. Looks like you all had a lovely day. I've seen that toff too, Doughnut. You don't think he's royalty do you?
  13. Only one word - Good. It was a silly idea in the first place.
  14. Very strange, Doughnut. Thee 42s is 126. Never underestimate the power of numbers.
  15. Did you know that this month (Oct 2010) has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays? This will not happen again for another 823 years.