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  1. Went to an open day down my grandaughter's school last week. when I was there the class were making presentations using "Photostory 3" Fascinating stuff for us adults too - the programme is a free download from the "Windows" site go on have a go for yourself;DisplayLang=en the resulting file saves in various formats including one that plays in Mediaplayer10 or can be converted into a disc which plays on a DVD player!! Good Luck ------------------Chris
  2. I've always stuck to Advent being the start of Christmas & don't generally want much to do with the matter before that. in practice of course some preparations have to be done in advance (e.g. the cake) but not putting up lights or decorations. Usually don't put the majority of anything up until 12 days before Christmas & take Everything down on 12th. night as one should. To acknowledge Advent Sunday (& also to the delight of the three grandchildren!!) a few lights, or the Christmas tree only will appear, but most of the rest will wait until later. Of course I appreciate there are good reasons for being slightly earlier in places such as schools etc. - at our Daycentre we put everything up Wednesday & had a 'Table-Top' sale yesterday. Not only are we (like schools) closed over Christmas, but to some of our members our Christmas may be the only one they have. A few extra days to make the most of it doesn't seem to be a bad thing to me!! Dick Sheppard's house Stroud Road will be lit up again this year together with the usual collection for local charities. Interestingly he is starting & finishing earlier this year - there is a notice there which states 'Lit !st. Dec to 1st. Jan' so that might be worth a visit from tonight onwards (& take your 1 & 2 pences along to make the snowman sing whilst benefitting the community at the same time!!)
  3. Talking of Community & Adult Care Directorate as the County council now has a "Directorate" structure what used to be called "Social Services" now comes under Community and Living the direct link to which is The following helpline & other info can be accessed directly on Adult Services/Children & Families Service Helplines (Social Care) For information and enquiries about services or to request a needs assessment You can contact the Helpdesks by telephone or email ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Adult Helpdesk Information and help for adults and older people, their carers and relatives regarding social care, health, housing, financial and general support needs. Tel: 01452 426868 (8am to 5pm Monday - Friday) Email: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Children & Families Helpdesk Wide ranging information and help available. Tel: 01452 426565 (8am to 5pm Monday - Friday) Email: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACTING THE HELPDESKS OUT OF OFFICE HOURS Outside of office hours (as stated above) you can contact Adult Services/Children & Family Services Emergency Duty Team on 01452 614194. Please note that this is an answering machine and you will need to leave a message and your TELEPHONE NUMBER. Someone will then call you back. Please remember that this number is for use out of normal working hours only, and for situations that cannot wait until the next working day.
  4. Carers Rights Day Events listed under 'Gloucester' ----------------------------------------------------- Gloucester C&ACD (Community & Adult Care Directorate) 01452 426495 Displays in Shire Hall and shop windows ------------------------------------------------------- Dementia Care Trust 01452 550066 Day/Night out with love ones for Christmas. ---------------------------------------------------------
  5. Yes quite right------------- thanks for the info Hopefully this is of some further help:-- The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Gloucester 2006/2007 Councillor Sue Blakeley No e-mail address for her on this page but a contact for her secretary is given -----------Mayor's secretary Theresa Morello by telephone: 01452 396129 or e-mail This year the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and Sheriff have selected Carers Gloucestershire and CLIC Sargent............
  6. Yes – like I said sorry I haven’t got to reply properly before – had quite a bit going on recently. I first heard of Alex J when he spoke on the Community Link Show a few weeks ago. He told us about his new show and, of course I made sure I was there at the start of his first show. He sounded very ambitious when he spoke on the Community Link Broadcast & as well as wanting to be there to support him I was curious as to what actually was coming! The show certainly lived up to expectations – yes like you said the first part was mainly music but later on he was talking to students from the community. He had obviously done lots of ‘groundwork’ before his first show & it was a great success. Last week he dedicated the latter part of his show to Black History and it was interesting & informative! Again he had come prepared - I’m looking forward to what may be coming next week! Similarly like the first it sounds as if he is planning to get people in “off the street” and discuss up-front, current issues in the community. It’s one thing being ambitious but making it work effectively; as he did (& especially the first time) takes some doing! In reply to the rest I’ve already made it clear that I am not in the business of making opinions on issues when I don’t have the facts or discussing other peoples’ business generally ……………so play fair. Equally I really don’t see what I do with my e-mails or my spare time & computer generally should matter to anyone (unless I’m breaking the law or deliberately being offensive etc to people – which I’m not). Most of the time spent on my computer is & always has been for the benefit of people somewhere – usually the Daycentre, which is where I gained the skills in the first place. Just recently as well some has also been trying to support other groups through the use of these boards & trying to create more awareness of The Portal itself - as promised many weeks ago now. The phrase “Well, maybe when you're not writing history spots and various other emails to GFM” tends to suggest that it’s all I’ve been doing recently – it’s not!. Equally I repeat - the greatest majority of Black History awareness that has been broadcast on GFM has originated at the station & NOT from me - they've done a lot of hard work on that subject themselves........... So play fair again………….please……………….
  7. Carers Equal Opportunity Act Carers Uk Summary Whether any Carer can find the time to plod through this lot is questionable but here is the act itself Perhaps the extract below demonstates jus how isolated many carers are! 1.4 The new Act marks a major cultural shift in the way carers are viewed: a shift in seeing carers not so much as unpaid providers of care services for disabled people, but as people in their own right: people with the right to work, like everyone else: people who have too often been socially excluded and (like the disabled people for whom they care) often denied the life chances that are available to other people. The depth of these difficulties can be highlighted by three simple statistics: • carers lose an average of £9,000 pa by taking on significant caring responsibilities1. • Over half of all carers have a caring related health condition2. • Carers represent one of the most socially excluded groups of people – for whom the Government’s inclusion policy appears (to date) to have failed3.
  8. Carers Rights Day
  9. Sorry - yes I'm around but have been tied up with other things Will get back with proper reply ASAP probably at he weekend when I've got more than a few minutes to get my thoughts together!! Just one quick point now though: SOME of the black history spots were mine - many wern't though, they came from the presenters themselves. It's amazing what I've learned this month, hopefully I remembered (or managed to write down) most of what I heard to follow up later, some I already have
  10. Thanks. Yes - Jerry drew attention to it on his morning show at the beginning of the month. ( I wasn't aware of it before then though) So hopefully therefore other people also were aware. we'll have to see what other local connections appear on here as time goes by.
  11. The baseball player -- Jackie Robinson He thrilled fans, shattered baseball's color barrier and changed the face of the nation
  12. Cartet G Woodson - Father Of Black History Month a good one to start with
  13. As it is Black History Month will leave some links on the 'Black Board' thread later just in case anyone is interested. As the following pioneer has a connection with radio as well as Black History - here's one on this thread for starters Una Marson
  14. Back to the original theme here. To get into the spirit of Black History Month I've been doing a little bit of research of my own as well as following up things I've heard elsewhere. When I get time over the weekend I'll leave a few links here so anyone, whatever their Ethnic background, who is interested can follow it up - maybe hopefully add some of their own
  15. This sounds serious - hope you will be able to make a full recovery back to normal, eventually. I wondered why you wern't around did you hear the newest presenter, Alex J on Sat @2-00