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  1. There was more than just City Council offices, Shire Hall was packed and the March was well attended. Not to mention the Fire Station Pickets and other lines in the city. Lots of photos on Facebook and Twitter of the various areas.
  2. Its an interesting one this - If the city council had bought the building, and then passed it on, then the rent would cover their outlay, maintenance etc and I would be happy with that as a long term investment. However in this case, this building has come about through obligations upon the developer (s106) and therefore the only actual cost to the council, is the handing of the keys from the developer to whoever will run it. Therefore the £11k rent is not justified and is detrimental to the community. It also will potentially bar any other community group from joining the competition to run it, and will drive up the costs of hire for users. Everyone loses except the city council. Barry
  3. Hiya Snowflake I live in Kingsway and I will ask around about photography clubs in particular - however have you relieved a copy of the Quedgeley news yet, there are lots of clubs listed there . Will get back to you as soon as I can Cheers Barry
  4. That would be cool - come along to a County Full Council Meeting - just over the road :-)
  5. Tony - I didn't say I agreed with it, only let's hear the whole story. I'm a big enthusiast over getting more people involved and more people interacting with councillors and meetings. However having looked into this further, it seems that Cllr Taylor did this off his own back with no justification but assumed to be because of it being taped in the previous meeting. If this is truly the case, then he should at the very least apologise Barry
  6. My gut reaction is that I agree - I am a fan of more transparency and if people want to film it then they should do so. But (isn't there always) - conspicuous by its absence is the reasoning given by Gordon Taylor. He must have given some justification, such as sensitivity over a certain planning matter or something? The other thing about video is the capture of Council Staff on video - As a councillor I don't think there is any real problem (though I am concerned about the temptation to grandstand as opposed to doing the job), but Council staff didn't sign up to be on viral YouTube videos. All that can be overcome by good sensible policies and guidance. So in this case (as much as it pains me) I think I suspend judgement until we have found out the whole story. If there is no real reason for it, then he should be censured. Barry
  7. I can say from personal experience that this is a great service :-)
  8. I was at the main count and in my role as Agent, saw many of the spoiled papers. A few (very small) were simple mistakes and errors, but I was stunned by the number of people who had written lengthy comments about their disgust over this role and some of the language was very direct and pointed. I did make the point at the time that ot was a real shame that those comments didn;t really go any further than the counters and people like myself. The ones from that count woudl have made a facinating book. It is a huge message to the government, but it is also a huge message to political machines in general!
  9. The most stunning thing was the number of spoiled papers and the comments and messages left by voters.
  10. Just back from Stroud and yes the turnout was very poor - but, while disappointing that Rupi didn't win, I'm pleased that Martin won in the second round.
  11. Show me what I am missing then, I have told you what was said and the context - What more can I do?
  12. But you posted an article about merger of the councils not any article relevant to your argument. Yes he made comments about wanting a (and I quote) "a bigger police force because I want a better police force." in 2005, if you look a the whole article there were discussions around it and he was going through the pros and cons. But the way it has been put about now is taken very out of context.
  13. And exactly the same call has been made very recently by the Tories! But that is councils, not Constabulary! Doing this for our councils is something I agree with. Many don't recognised the difference in remit between City and County and in many cases greater savings could be made on a county wide basis.
  14. Certainly crime went down a lot in previous years, however int he past two it has been rising again in certain areas, and in particular Burglaries. Any no, not everyone in Barton will agree, but the vast majority who we have spoken to really want the station. We forget that during the Riots that this building was instrumental in being a place to work from. Also the intrinsic value in a local station is huge in terms of having a community police force. Just to address you last point - No he didn't! It is a statement that is being taken hugely out of context by Richard Graham. Look at the original.
  15. Not really reading what I read, yes its not the PCC decision, but it is their job to bring up the issue if its a community issue as this was. If the same concerns were being raised about a demonstration, then yes I would expect the same action by the PCC.