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  1. That's what happens to stories that are 4 years old......
  2. Too little, too late. ALL public sector workers should be getting at least inflation level rises. A friend of mine has worked for GCHQ for over 30 years, and has not had any pay rise for the last 10, even if "our leader" gives them the same rise as the police, it will not even touch the loss in real terms these folks have had to live with in recent years. But as long as bosses get their "fat bonus's" it doesn't matter, eh?
  3. You could try taking it back to an older "restore point" if it's just an up date issue, that should sort it.
  4. The same to you and Vanda, Eddie. Lets hope it's a better one than the last one!
  5. Good news indeed, I bet you'll miss all those planes flying overhead, eh?
  6. Over a month and no news?..... nosey people are holding their breath! Hope things are going as planned.
  7. Saw her at the Trockmorton Airshow in June well worth making the effort to catch a look if you can. For anyone who has facebook, you can see some pictures here;
  8. ....."It's so important because it's an internationally recognised month and it's important for us to promote equality and diversity in Cheltenham"..... So when's "White history month" then?....
  9. Hi Bec, Glad you found the site and hope you find what you're searching for.
  10. I'd prefer they dealt with all the chuggers, they are the reason I avoid town unless I really have to go in for something. I've always found the so called "beggars" pretty innocuous.
  11. Another good use of taxpayers money .....
  12. More expensive but slate chippings (I'm told) work well. Sister had three cats at one time and all three stayed off the areas in her garden where she put down slate .... uneven and shape, but looks good. Might be worth a bag or two to try?
  13. Cheltenham named best place in UK to raise a family..... Cheltenham has been named the best place in the UK to raise a family. The Telegraph has compiled a list of the top 20 family-friendly areas, based on criteria such as schools, housing, leisure activities and nature. Lynn Simmonds of Hamptons International said: "Excellent schooling, low crime rates, a thriving sporting culture and a bustling town centre all make Cheltenham a natural place for families with children." Miss/Mrs/Ms Simmonds obviously didn't go to Hesters Way (I live there so I can call it! ) or several other places around the town. "low crime rate"? the woman's obviously deluded, then again, this was in the Telegraph!
  14. They should try improving the existing services first, before extending them. 2:50pm we got "first post" yesterday, it's a bloody joke!