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  1. Wish it was the week after then we could have gone. Missed the christmas market so it would have been nice to go to this.
  2. Hope they include a Morrisons petrol station.
  3. I hope they can sue the council for discrimination. First I've heard of UKIP being racist, think they are getting mixed up with the BNP.
  4. Was it later last year? I seem to remember it being into December when we went.
  5. What kin What kinds of comments were made? Was the high number of spoiled papers a protest that the election was a waste of resources?
  6. The point has been raised about an ex policeman perhaps interfering, this was something I had been concerned about. "No, you don't want to do it like that..." I get the impression that Martin Surl is retired though, and I wonder about the other candidates fitting the role in around their main jobs. Or will they leave them? I think the pay packet is 85 grand per year so they should easily be able to afford to.
  7. Thanks for those links Eddie, very helpful. It may not be totally wise to base my vote on what I can see on a website, but it's all I've got to go on at the moment. It has led to me changing who I'm going to vote for anyway... Rupi Dhanda - horrible website on the eyes. Seems to have some ok statements and comments about not bringing politics into the role, but then the anti-government remarks creep in. And she's siding with Labour so surely that is bringing politics to the role? Now I see it's Parmjit's wife. I thought he had left the county. Victoria Atkins - very basic website that does not really tell you anything she is wanting to do. Those three priorities are just generic meaningless statements. Martin Surl - well laid out and informative website. Looks like a decent guy with the time to devote to the job. I can understand why the role is being created, but why can't the chief constable be accountable to the public in the same way?
  8. What purpose would the abuse serve? To scare him off as a candidate by supporters of other candidates?
  9. I've had in the past week a Conservative leaflet and one from Labour. Has anybody had a leaflet from any other candidates? I am still not sure who to choose.
  10. Caller display is invaluable I find. But still, the nuisance of them even calling in the first place is just not acceptable. I cleared my phone about three weeks ago and it's showing 30+ missed calls at the moment.
  11. Are you saying the TB jabs that have been going for the last 30 years don't work Reg?
  12. Nice to hear of a positive business story in these times.
  13. You would think the new owners would be continuing the business.
  14. Hope you get answers Eddie.
  15. I hope Abbeydale is earmarked as part of these spring 2013 upgrades, I struggle to get 2 meg.