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  1. I am very much NOT just a "paper candidate" for next Spring's Cheltenham borough council election!

    I am keen to learn everything I can about the ward, its problems, resources, and potentiality.

    To this end, I have already had a number of meetings with local agencies and activists (includig our excellent neighbourhood Police Constable) and hope to have more in the near future. I have been very impressed with the expertise, imagination and commitment of the people I have met and look forward to working with them - and others - to change the narrative about our neighborhood from a story of sadness and deprivation to one of hope and prosperity.

    If you have any issues that you would like to raise with me, don't hesitate to do so.
    Likewise if you have any suggestions as to how things can be made better for local residents.

    I was born in Stoke-on-Trent the son of a semi-skilled labourer. I have a PhD in Physics.
    I have worked as an electronic engineer, a software developer, and a teacher of maths and science. I am a cyclist and a keen gardener. I am an avid theatre-goer and write books of poetry, philosophy and theology.

    I am especially interested in the problems of homelessness and mental health - especially in the case of young people.

    I am opposed to all kinds of prejudice and welcome the fact that couples of the same sex can be married. I thiink that the regeneration of our locality must be based on two foundations: the promotion of neighborliness and friendly cooperation, and the encouragement of local enterprise and small businesses.

    Please sign my petition "Publicise Coronation Square as an Alcohol Free Zone."

    Please take a look at my "Vision Statement".


    1. Joe Kilker

      Joe Kilker

      That's good to read (about not being a paper candidate), seriously. Other sitting councillors have joined this site, and even the one who posted lots, initially, Barry Kirby, has stopped. Andrew Gravells, I think, never started. I suspect they're told to stay off social media because of the risks of being challenged over policy divisions by the public.

      If more cllrs and candidates defied that edict, the rest might see themselves being left behind, and the floodgates could open. Just so long as they try to stay off the 'block' button, unlike Kate Haigh...

    2. Stephen Lovatt

      Stephen Lovatt

      I hope that you are wrong in your reasoning. It is healthy for politicians to be open, rather than secretive - though a certain amount of discretion is called for, of course!

      I think that social media is the best way of reaching out to (potential) constituents,