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  1. On October 3rd, members of the Tredworth Facebook page received word that the Olympus was now 'back in the hands of the owners', and its restoration for use as a theatre venue was back on the cards. So watch this space.
  2. Is anyone in charge of dealing with spam now? So, not long after my post last November, the trees were planted. Near the end of the long hot spell, though, I noticed that they appeared, if not dead, close to death. Newly planted trees have to be watered every day for the first two weeks, then every week for a year. Twice a week in hot weather, as I recall a previous search revealing. I doubt these trees were watered at all during the long heat, if ever, so I'll be very surprised if they don't need replacing, by the people who had an obligation to care for them. Or did they think planting the trees was the end of their commitment?
  3. Another no show, and a kick in the teeth to Tredworth residents.
  4. It's happening tomorrow, at 10:30am, and advertised nowhere. Though I suppose if residents could go a whole year not knowing (nor caring?) when or if meetings were happening, it's no big deal if Tony Ward doesn't want them to know. It won't stop him complaining about apathy, but we know how he feels about anyone taking an interest...
  5. Actually, scratch 'next Wednesday', it's the following week. The city council's online calendar makes it look closer, because it doesn't include weekends... More time to get the ducks in line, though.
  6. I have a degree of sympathy for the women, but what gets my goat is the likes of the Nelson Trust pretending they are coping with the problem when the same faces keep turning up. Even if it were new streetwalkers, I don't see how residents on Widden Street in particular are expected to be happy about the continuing trade. Shouldn't efforts be made to address the problem before it reaches the street? There is a currently derelict notice board in Sinope Street near park, belonging to Barton & Trdworth Developments, I believe. Bearing this in mind, I asked the Trust on Twitter if they were interested in a way to get their message in the area across pro-actively? They didn't even reply.
  7. Look at that, I made page 2. Truly, a clean sheet
  8. There's a lot of things said about me by people here that I'd take issue with (and, maybe taking lessons from a misunderstanding on Twitter a few weeks back, they would reconsider as well). After six years, there doesn't seem to be any point in raking over the coals, though. This link may throw some light on the circumstances of the arrest (in essence, all stemming from the chairman's pique at me for picking up a document to read before the time he had decreed it should be read, as he evidently believed a rush to read that one single copy after the meeting ended was preferable), and how our boys in blue are capable of behaving when they mistakenly believe that private security is one of their roles. The timing of this is prescient, though, as next Wednesday (and on my birthday), TETRA will be holding their monthly meeting at the city farm, where they have apparently held it for the past year since the closure of the 'Big Vic', without notifying anyone. It will be an opportunity to press for the re-launch of the Friends of St. James' Park, a group which vanished without even a whimper when the man I belatedly discovered to be in charge of it, Tim Wood of Barton police, took up duties in Cheltenham instead. It may be, though, that since Tony Ward, chair of TETRA since Pat Scannell was somehow deposed, refused to allow me to attend a meeting at the the Vic last year, just before its closure, and actually phoned the police in a staggeringly shameless display of wasting their time (The Vic was private property, but since police can't remove squatters, presumably they couldn't have removed me, if I'd been unwilling to leave), he may also object to my presence on Wednesday, despite nobody else doing anything to address the littering, fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour in the park. Well, we'll see.
  9. As was the Victory Inn, but it closed a year ago, apparently (just a month after I tried to attend a TETRA meeting), to be replaced by a Secret Garden nursery. No idea where TETRA is holding meetings now, if it actually intends to hold any...
  10. Great to have the boards back up. I have to admit that my pessimism when they went offline was misplaced, so apologies for that. I found evidence, a few weeks back, of the demolition of the India House: Note the 2012 proposal is for ' Erection of convenience store (Class A1) and associated car park (demolition of existing building)' I haven't quite persuaded the city council to address the issue of Section 106 money. I shouldn't be entirely surprised to find, in the end, that it was awarded to some project on the sly that almost nobody in the community was consulted about. That would be a fascinating revelation.
  11. This might help you.
  12. Hi Jack. Do you mean the Sainsburys at the Peel Centre or the one at Barnett Way? If recycling bins are being allowed to fill up, speaking to your local councillors might be an idea. I'm always saying that with council elections coming up is the best time to request help from these supposed servants of the public. Amazon's boxes are a conundrum. It's tempting to keep them for storage purposes, then you never get around to deciding what to put in them, and they take up even more space. Plus, even when they look the same size, most of them seem to have different dimensions, so don't stack conveniently. A crotchety ex-chair of our ex-partnership complained about corrugated plastic not being accepted for recycling, and now it is, but I never saw that large bits of cardboard were that much of a problem, more like an opportunity. I think local schools would love them for projects, if only as floor protection. They're also in demand when some group holds a sponsored 'rough' sleep-in. And of course, protestors can always find a use for them, this summer...
  13. I'm not aware of stating an intention to make a complaint about the lack of a crossing, only that it needed to be raised as an issue. Perhaps you could jog my memory? The current outstanding issue on that stretch of road is storm gulleys. Since the beginning of the year, there has been an almost permanent wide puddle outside Biedronki's. When I queried Usman Bhaimia (who you may recall used to be a Lib Dem, until he decided he had no chance of being re-elected unless he jumped ship to Labour) on Twitter, he said on March 13th that 'The clogged water had been reported to the highways long time ago', but wouldn't say if he was the one who reported it, or how long ago 'long time ago' was. He has refused to say anything about it since, and neither have either of our councils. The puddle finally evaporated, just about, during the recent hot spell, but I've noticed that the next two gulleys, starting from 250 Barton St, are also blocked. That's four gulleys in the space of 50 or so meters, a hundred max, that somehow got clogged up on a main street, and even with a police station just down the road, ignored for months. Disgrace is the only word for it. But they will probably become magically clear about a week before the council elections, just as potholes that have also been ignored, or dismissed as not being 'serious defects', have also been filled in the last few weeks. Sajid Patel needs his election boost, he certainly hasn't been dropping leaflets on my street. And I know there's an argument to be made that elections are timed for warm weather, and so are street repairs, a well as funding becoming available at the start of the financial year, so nothing suspicious should be read into that, but there wasn't this springtime activity last year, and I doubt there will be next year, either...
  14. It's now been a full two weeks since I used the report button to notify 'Luke' of this. Two weeks since more than a half dozen threads were spammed with links like the one above, which are still there. Can anyone in charge speak up?
  15. A full week after the spam salvo, am I out of order in suggesting that whoever's in charge now is sleeping on the job..? I could do that...