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  1. A 'Dead Ringers' special had just started on Radio 4, so I may have been shaking with laughter at the time, so it was cancelled out.
  2. So, GCH building on more open spaces, but you're still doing better for green spaces than Barton & Tredworth, who don't seem to rate a Youtube video...
  3. I'm aware you spoke at the council meeting. I think I may even have been present. It's the council's claim, via Ismail Rhyman at a Street Reps meeting, that Section 106 funding didn't apply because [he claimed] the original building was not demolished, that needed to be challenged. Money should have been available to spend on something in the community, and we lost out, with councillors not lifting a finger to help.
  4. Or that the partnership could have addressed instead of going down the Tony Ward route of finding residents to be detrimental to the smooth running of a residents' association. The need for a crossing is as self-evident as the every day hazard posed by delivery lorries on the DYLs in front of Biedronki. That no-one chased the council up on Section 106 money, or persuaded one of our councillors to do so, is scandalous.
  5. Link to the documents page of that application, because the one further up now gives an error message:
  6. Just added this, as well as emailing it to those concerned... On this day, 15th November, over a month since my last comment, no comment has been made by Gymnasian to give assurance that the wild cherry and Common Oak they have neglected to replace for the past three years will be planted before the end of November (the latest they can be planted this year, according to Rick Crombie, of the planning department: 'I have verified that Condition 9 details were submitted and approved but the 2 x trees had not been planted. That is being attended to now and trees will be planted during this planting season (before the end of November).' I've said previously that I'm perfectly happy to help dig the holes for these trees (or do all the work if need be), but I can't provide the saplings themselves, or the protection from vandalism promised. I will email this comment to Habib Patel, who gave the undertaking on 4th September, 2014, to replant the trees, and Imran Atcha, who runs the riding school (as well as cc'ing Mr Crombie), in the hope of getting an acknowledgement, here or by email, before the end of this month. Footnote: I see from another email sent on 15th September that Mr Crombie expected 'the replacement trees to be planted between now (or Nov 2017) and March 2018.' Since re-planting was *supposed* to 'take place between November 2014- February 2015', and 'photographic evidence' was to be 'sent to the GCC tree officer once planting is completed', are we really expected to wait 4-5 months more for this to be settled? If so, Gymnasian *really* should state this publicly, on this page.
  7. Three months later, nothing had changed, and whatever the police or the Nelson Trust say. I'm seeing the same faces on Widden Street. One prostitute I took a picture of last week was by the Ango-Asian Centre again (as she had been six months previously) a few days ago.
  8. I missed one... Xmas lights on Barton St - Explore ways of funding this initiative, raised but then abandoned by partnership under Tony Ward.
  9. I've been thinking, since it appears that nothing ever gets done in this ward except through a community organisation - as that seems like the only way to secure a grant to fund any action - that the Barton Residents' Association needs to be revived. When I asked Gloucester City Homes a few years ago if they would fund such an initiative in the way they did the Tredworth Residents' Association, and currently TETRA, they replied that GCH didn't have enough properties in Barton to justify such spending (however much they think it costs to hire a room for two hours a month and let residents speak out on social issues they feel aren't being addressed by authorities. Ultimately, perhaps, quite a lot for their council colleagues, if it means those issues do have to be addressed). In the absence of that funding source, the only other option seems to be enlisting the aid of local councillors/political parties, and challenging them to recognise or repudiate such a need. That means making a case for community-led intervention on long-standing issues, so here are a few: Sainsbury's crossing - establish if Section 106 money should've been made available for public improvement such as this. Police - Get answers about regular public meetings (at least twice a year) attended by officers. Establish if Barton & Tredworth Street Reps still exist, now the partnership is gone. Napier Street Play Area - Get answers (and a firm date) about promised replacement of long damaged fence by Gloucester City Council. Ayland Gardens - Get answers about how a (tentatively promised) new play area can be protected from vandalism, when a new picnic table has already been damaged. Prostitution/other ASB - Get answers about how current police strategy is working, when same faces keep showing up on Widden St. Other solutions needed? Sajid Patel's CCTV - See about getting some say in where the camera is placed (in Barton, at least). Community garden at city farm (Tredworth?) - City farm is for all of the ward, if not city? Press Friendship Café/Gymnasian about two year old promise to replace vandalised/stolen benches. Seek grant for carved wooden bench, as at Barnwood Arboretum and most other wards? Young people, activities - Explore ways to engage youths positively, for the benefit of the community. Sinope car park noticeboard - refurbish noticeboard, and encourage its use by the community.
  10. Copies of the old issues should still be available in Cheltenham's main library, though. In Gloucester, they used to keep back issues of both the Citizen and Echo, but when I went looking for an Echo published around March 20th which reported the Eastbourne school uniform change six months in advance, I found that they'd stopped keeping the latter. Cuts, I suppose. Incidentally, in Googling the Mirror article which reported the issue, and referenced the Echo article (dead link because of another revamp), I found an article about another school demanding 'piping' on trousers and skirts Usually, schools are prohibitive about what pupils can wear, not prescriptive. In the latter case, they should, as I said in the comments, allow time to phase in the new requirements, so parents don't waste money.
  11. Precisely. No excuse for the most local representatives not to have an opinion, and certainly for the paper not to seek it, except when it's a paper that bends over backwards to not put members of the ruling party in a tough spot*. But this seems to be a dead story now, because sticking with it would only reveal what a bad job the original report was. *And I know it's a cliche that every media organisation, from the BBC downwards, is accused by right and left of being biased to the other side on just about every issue. I still think the Citizen, or whatever it's now called, is particularly soft on the authorities, which is what one would expect when resources have become too restricted to do the job of investigative journalism without full co-operation from those authorities.
  12. As regards my litter initiative, it didn't work so well on the block I share with Ismael Rhyman and GFC, because I had to send this email this morning. I like to think councillors can also get things done for the neighbourhood that elects them, but none of my councillors, including a Tory, is lifting a finger to help... If I haven't already asked you*, which 'local volunteer group' is this? It's been over a year now, and as well as the rest of the rubbish, what appears to be asbestos sheets have been deposited in the alley way, several months back. The only things resembling a voluntary group in Barton are the Neighbourhood Partnership (under the chairmanship of Ismael Rhyman, a city council employee),which closed without ceremony three weeks after your email was sent, and the Friendship Café/Gymnasian, a group chaired by Reyaz Lemalia. Both these men live next door to each other on Hethersett Rd, or rather, on either side of another man, Yusuf Patel, who, despite being a Police Community Support Officer, fly-tipped a freezer and cast iron fireplace outside the ally on April 17th last year, at approximately 11:15am (his claim that he had arranged for them to be collected was denied by the city council). All three, I'm sure, would claim to be community minded, but the continuing state of the alley way that their properties all back onto demonstrates otherwise. So again, which 'volunteer group' is this, and when are they going to start work? *It seems I didn't reply to your email, presumably to give you plenty of time to get on with what you promised, without distraction. Another example of a city council employee 'forgetting to remember' to deal with an issue, then. And because the third time's the charm, what local volunteer group? -----Original Message----- From: Matt Cloke <> To: Starredark <St********@Aol.Com> CC: Wayne Best <> Sent: Mon, 5 Sep 2016 10:56 Subject: Re: Fly tip in alley -Hethersett Road Good morning Mr Kilker My apologies for not responding to you sooner. I have been out to the alley that exits on to Hethersett Road to investigate the issues you have previously highlighted in regards to an accumulation of domestic waste towards the middle end of the alley and advise as follows. There was no evidence of waste of a putrescible nature that would either attract/harbour vermin or be considered prejudicial to health. I could also not find any evidence in regards to the origin of the waste, although I do understand that it could of only come from possibly two rear gardens that access this alley. As you have already acknowledged the alley is unregistered, therefore, there is no single or multiple owner to pursue, additionally the Local Authority does not have a responsibility to clear the waste. Notwithstanding this, I am looking to work with a local volunteer group and/or the local probation service to try to get the alley cleared of waste and tidied up. I also took a look at the bamboo you mentioned in your previous correspondence and yes I agree, it is out of control. This however may be considered a civil matter between the land owner from where the Bamboo originates and those who are being affected by the uncontrolled spread of the plant. I hope you find this helpful. Kind regards Matt Matt Cloke Environmental Protection Officer Environmental Protection Gloucester City Council
  13. This is an example of an article the 'paper' (or rather, website managers) won't allow comments to. Because they know they would receive a dozen or so comments about how prevalent anti-social behaviour is, and how little the police are doing about it?
  14. And I guessed this wasn't in your area, which is why I asked about your Conservative colleagues. The school's postcode puts this in Warden Hill, where one of the borough councillors, Chris Ryder, is a Conservative (the other is Tony Oliver, a Liberal Democrat). Surprising lack of input from either of them. Perhaps too far away from elections, yet.
  15. What's really going to fry your noodles is that the Echo wrote an article about this six months ago, as reffed in this Mirror article* - - so the change wasn't unexpected, and parents presumably had plenty of time to protest. Of course, due to that revamp I mentioned in my last comment, the old article has gone without trace, bar an error message, and Glo Live's Twitter account won't acknowledge my query about this, or say if they are following up the story along the lines commenters have suggested they should. Investigative journalism at its finest, funds permitting... *Co-written by Glo Live's Tom Gibbon, who presumably wrote the Echo article as well. I went to the library to find the article, and it's only just occurred to me that I should have been looking in the Echo, rather than the Citizen, d'oh!