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  1. Morning all. Thank you Eddie for that mail. I replaced my pc a while ago and also lost most of my Data(Hard Drive Failure). Also during the late 06 early 07 i lost my Dad , so pc were not on my mind much. I've now saved this to my Fav's and i'm up and running again. Thanks again Eddie. Julia Your News looks great, my your are great little detective of things, i'm going to have to reread it a few time for it to sink in. Well i have reread your post, and all i can say is WOW, we really need to talk to each other, there is so much more about the guys i can tell you. I never recieved a reply from Coberly Court , which is fine. i'll just have to find another way to contact them, maybe the old snail mail trick will do. A work mate of mine had to go back to the Old Dart about 18 months ago and he took some Video of Coberly for me, that was amazing to see some of the land my forefathers walk / worked on. i'm still digging for my relations in other parts of the world, it's just a slow process. Julia your the Best! What is the best way of contacting you? Your Most greatful friend Zathras
  2. Ali I'm glad you sugar coated that for him,lol. The only people who can not be Discriminated against is the white anglo saxon male. very sad indead. Zath
  3. just in MR D on the dance floor
  4. Mr O in you quest for all thing black and white, have you come accross and pics of the Cobberley area. if yes , were can one look at them?. Zathras
  5. We here in Oz are looking at $1.50c a liter in the comming week. The World Farts and we have to pay higher fuel prices. Z
  6. I know QLD id behind the times , but gee even that joke was old. there was nothing to do with geography in that post, it was an observation on QLD in general. since the Peanut farm left , the states gone mad. See you even had to put on a Very Deep Voice to hide the vest and chaps .
  7. Nobby They say you QUEENSLANDER that the QUEEN part to heart alot. now we know, i also hear they are going to change the glasshouse mountain name to Brokeback mountain.
  8. Graceland would it be better to feed them what they should be eatting , not processed dog food? then again your Hedgehog will have shinny coats and wet nose's in the county ROFLMAO Z
  9. Now we know how the KIWI's got the gumboot fetish. Q - how do you know if a KIWI has robbed your house? A - your leg of lamb in the Frig has a love bite on it and your gumboots are missing. Z
  10. It's good to see all the Countries trying to get their people out, but it brings up a really good question. When we in Oz had the riots down south - the Lebo's all stated that they were lebo's and that they would not intergrate into the Oz life style. Now that they are getting the crap bombed out of them they have changed face and are yelling at the Australian Government to get them out of there cause they are Australian. Typical of that Middle eastern race , they jump most tents then a camel on LSD. Z
  11. a Lime Marmalade with those Prawn's would work ok. Who wants to try Damper? i'll post it soon. Zathras
  12. hmm

    Ali, i did not say you were deaf it was for your eye sight, ROFLMAO.. Z
  13. Now your getting the message Ali, what ever we do will not worry us, it our kids and their kids who will suffer. Mad Max springs to mind.
  14. Check this out , you may not need to carry the card around at all. Awaiting Eddie to install a PPS for every one to look at - 24/07/06 z Zathras
  15. Sorry i did not know that there was already a spot for this stuff. just remove this thread ok. Zathras