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  1. Hi Thanks for that. Still intend going to the Glasshouse in June for my birthday, but might try this other place out another time. Thanks again Paul Harries
  2. Hi If I had the means to go I would. I love aircraft, having served in RAF for 6 years. Looks like everyone's in for a real treat! Thanks Paul Harries
  3. Hi Took the family for a meal here yesterday. Not so impressed. For: 1) Massive choice in menu. 2) Excellent starters. Against 1) My steak was bit gristly 2) No whipped cream for my sister's luxury hot chocolate. May be that they had a bad day with my steak. My brother in law loved his black pudding starter and the burgers looked great.. I just have better memories of the Glasshouse, Mill Hill that Eddie showed me. Will return to Glasshouse for my birthday in June. Paul Harries
  4. Hi Back in the day we used to be able to by "Lardy" cakes (whatever they were called) which were the size of dinner plates. Now we're reduced to buying smaller portions from Jane's Pantry in King's square. (Though they are very nice)! Thanks Paul Harries
  5. Hi Season's Greetings to everyone here. Been a year now since my stroke, so hoping everyone has an even better 2018 than 2017! Best wishes to you all, wherever you are Paul Harries
  6. Hi Seems some beavers to be reintroduced near Lydbrook to prevent flooding. A natural answer to a problem? " A plan to release beavers into the Forest of Dean has been approved by the government. Two adult beavers and two kits will be released into a 6.5 hectare enclosure near Lydbrook. It's hoped the four animals will help prevent flooding in the area by improving biodiversity and building dams and ponds. They are expected to be released into the enclosure in the spring.
  7. Hi I spoke about it in open council meeting 27th Sept 2012, item 31.9 on agenda: 31.9 Mr Paul Harries asked the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Culture the following questions: 1. Now that the plans for India House to be demolished/rebuilt have gone ahead, what, if any plans has the Council taken to assess the Environmental Impact Statement and Risk Assessment whilst the demolition/rebuilding is going on? Thinking specifically of the debris & dust. Plus the security implications of the site. 2. What, if any plans has the Council made re the major traffic disruption this development will cause whilst the work is going on. There is a blind junction, two bus stops and a police station adjacent to the site. All at risk from large commercial plant vehicles. Does the council plan to close this busy access road to Gloucester? 3. Once the site has been developed, will the council build a pedestrian crossing by the supermarket, to allow young families, the elderly & disabled to cross safely? I remind members of the blind junction, two bus stops & police station. 4. Whilst demolition/construction work is going on, will the pavement be affected? Specifically will the existing phone booth & letter box be removed to allow access for the large plant vehicles? The answer to part 3 below (Couldn't cut'n paste it, sorry). When I rang up for clarification they said since there would be no increase in footfall there was no need for a crossing. (I think they just wanted to rush the application through and didn't want to delay it with a revised application). Thanks Paul Harries letter_to_mr_harries_18102012.pdf
  8. Hi Very useful. In London they can also use their phones using 'Oyster' app. Handy for me as you said - avoids me having to fiddle around with small change. Paul Harries
  9. Hi Nice to see such a simple thing can protect our wildlife. Well posted Vanda! Lets hope more people take up the suggestion. Paul Harries
  10. Hi Actually I already asked about the crossing at Sainsbury's. The official answer it wasn't needed as there would only be the same amount of footfall to the supermarket as went to the India pub before. Political lies so they wouldn't have to spend money. Even kept the official answer email in case there was an accident. (Likely to be me now I'm disabled) But all the points you raised are valid ones. Stuff that Community Counts would have addressed when it was about. Good Luck! Paul Harries
  11. Hi Literary Festival in Cheltenham next month. You taking your book there? Thanks Paul Harries
  12. Hi Just point out for those interested, that Hilary Clinton is coming to the Literary Festival in Cheltenham in October Thanks Paul Harries
  13. Hi Haven't had those in a while. Last ones were from Jane's Pantry in King's Square and were great. But I remember being able to buy ones the size of dinner plates back in the '70s. Ah ................. sweet memories (literally)! Paul Harries
  14. Hi I prefer the potential for the villain to end up face down in poo whilst being handcuffed! But that's not allowed now.................... Thanks Paul Harries
  15. Hi Yes, but when we were children there wasn't a £70 fine for 'littering' (And no home computers, steam engines still ran, etc) LOL Paul Harries