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  1. Looking forward to hearing from Chris and Liz. :-) Congratulations again everyone! x
  2. One more try to post the winning images. 2011 Gloucester Tall Ship Festival Photography Contest Written by: Tamara Kwan of TammyLynn Photography Judged by: Eddie & Vanda of SoftData Damon of Damon Cannard Photography Tammy of TammyLynn Photography The Prizes: *HP CN245B Photosmart Wireless e-all-in-one printer – from SoftData *15” x 20” A2 box canvas print of your winning photo worth £69.99 – From Damon Cannard Photography *Two hour private workshop of your choice worth £50. (Camera, photography or post processing) – From TammyLynn Photography *Two hour studio hire at The London Road Studio in Gloucester worth £50. – From The London Road Studio The Winners get to choose their prize! The First Place winner goes first, choosing his/her prize from the list above. The Second Place winner goes second choosing his/her prize from the remaining three prizes...and so on. First Place goes to: Fuzzy Reflections by Mike Broome Comments from Judges: Damon Cannard: This one is full of vibrancy, colour, and shows the docks and ships off at their best. It's nicely composed too. Tamara Kwan: Lovely night time view of Gloucester Docks. Love the colour and reflections in this. If you don’t look too closely it’s like looking back through time. J Second Place goes too: Un-named by Chris Nash Comments from Judges: Damon Cannard: This one is right up there for me, I love it, the composure is spot on with the masts converging in on each other, and that graduating sky behind is stunning. This is definitely wall art. Tamara Kwan: I really love the colours here and the detail of the silhouettes of the masts. I’d hang this on my wall. J Third Place goes too: Un-named by GFC Comments from judges: Damon Cannard: This is the one that first caught my attention in the thumbnails, I think the sepia suits it, and the reflections are great. I like the ship almost silhouetted against the dock buildings. Tamara Kwan: Another well done night time shot at the docks. Love the processing here, almost feels like you’ve gone back in time....until you look closer that is. J Forth Place goes too: Un-named by Liz Fraser Comments from Judges: Tamara Kwan: This image stood out for me for a number of reasons. The view. The detail. The textures. The Black & White processing. I love that I can’t easily spot anything modern in this photo. I love how it pulls me in and makes me want to look over the bow of the ship. It gives me a sense of adventure. I like this. J
  3. Just wanted to see if I could post it with the photos. Thought it would be nicer if people could see the images that won. The answer is no, it won't let me. I'd like to leave some comments on the other images as I was really impressed by quite a few of them. I'll try to make time to do that in the next day or so. Thank you to all who participated. Some truly lovely images in this thread. Tammy
  4. .....Judging in process....... Some really good entries, this is going to take a while. Watch this space. :-)
  5. Thought I'd share some of my photos from the Tall Ship Festival. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tammylynn_photography/sets/72157627537694246/with/6088734705/ Sadly the boats weren't lit up last night like they have been in the past. Anyone else have any photos they'd like to share? PS... There is a photo competition for photos taken during the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival. Enter your best three in the competition! You can find the competition under Digital Photography > Prize Competitions. Good Luck!
  6. Awww thanks guys! Sorry just now seeing this. :-D I had a fab day btw! :-D x
  7. Are there contest rules posted anywhere?
  8. OK,I miss quoted, they are not part of the exhibition, just on the wall. They are prints from bad scans. If they'd asked my husband would have gladly given them better scans and higher rez images to make better prints. Sorry for any confusion. PS... Still taken and printed and displayed without permission.
  9. Oh dear, someone's been naughty, it seems they've taken some images from my husband's picasa gallery without permission, printed them and put them in the exhibition.Correction! not in the exhibition, just on the wall there at Wallbridge.
  10. This Friday and Saturday (April 22-23) is the first GlosBiz (Gloucetershire Business) Easter Expo at The New In in Gloucester. It's quite a huge event with bouncy castle and crafts for kids, local food and drink, BBQ, Game on in the bar, Local businesses set up to show their wares and I'll be there with a mini TammyLynn Photography studio! :-D You can read more about it here: http://www.iamglouce...biz-easter-expo You can see an interview with Mark from The New Inn about the Easter Expo on Cotswold TV here: http://www.furryfeet...p?footprint=279 It's sure to be fun for the whole family! Drop by and say Hi if you can. It's free to enter! :-D
  11. I've used 123-Reg web hosting for years and have lots of experience helping others with their hosting accounts and websites with them. They are cheap, and they are cheap for a reason. If you ever need help you'll find out quickly why they are so cheap. Trying to get assistance or help with a real problem is like banging your head against the wall with 123-Reg. If call them you'll be charged 10p a minute, and you are left on hold a lot and have to keep calling and calling to get things sorted. I'm not going to go into full detail of my recent run in with 123-Reg, if you are interested you can read about it here: http://www.tammylynn.co.uk/helpknotkrazy.html In short, friend of mine lost access to his website because someone without permission went in and changed all the passwords and all the account owner information. Leaving him without a way to claim it back on his own. Contact was made directly with 123-Reg and a plea for help was made. Over two weeks later, a lot of hassle, a lot of phone calls, a lot of faxes and emails...some over and over because they kept saying that they didn't receive the information...in short a lot of frustration and expense later, the issue was still not resolved. They simply would not give my friend back control of a website that he paid for and represents his life's work. Even though he could prove who he was and prove he was the owner of the site. So I called Eddie, and in less than a day Eddie helped transfer the domain over to SoftData and we had full control over my friend's website again! It was such a pleasure to talk to a real person who cared and knew what they were doing. I'll be moving some more sites over to SoftData soon and advising others to do the same. Nothing like doing business with local people! Thank You Eddie!!!
  12. Very sad to hear this news about John. He will be greatly missed by many.
  13. WoW! Thanks guys! So far so good! Hubby surprised me with a card and gift this morning. A book from an author we are both reading, I didn't even know there was a new book out so nice surprise. :-) Truly a surprise as I wasn't expecting anything more. He'd already given me a present that he said was combo Anniversary (Sunday was our 5th) and birthday gift. He gave me a new phone, not had a new one in 5 years so this is quite exciting for me. Cool phone! More gadgets than I'll ever use, but loads of fun trying! :-D
  14. Hi Tony, I got my money back from the bank...may have said before, sorry. We've posted around the net asking for people to contact us if they've had dealings with this company. A few people have gotten in contact, all have either taken him to court, are in court proceedings with him or getting ready to take him to court. Not looking good for Mr Joss! He put up a new website a few months ago, not updated it. It's dodgy and full of holes, no surprise there. All I got at the moment. Tam
  15. Thank you delftlady. :-)